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Google plus is the social networking site owned and operated by Google itself. With 540 million monthly active users this can be an awesome marketing tool for the business owners to increase their business’s brand visibility. Having a Google plus presence can help to get search engine optimization benefits as according to Business Insider and TastyPlacement, having “Google Plus followers boosts the [Google search] ranking the most, while a “+1″ still does way more for your search ranking than Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn is the largest social meeting place for the professionals all over the world. LinkedIn allows users (workers and employers) to create profiles and “connections” to each other. Through LinkedIn its possible to generate more leads as well as individuals looking to market the expertise.

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How Does It Works?

Social Crocodile acquire Google plus circle followers in a natural way. In most cases we offer incentives to get them. We promote your LinkedIn account to get the connection. All circle followers and connections are real human. We dont use any software or automated programs to generate circles or connections.

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Yes we keep your information confidential and never share with anyone. We never reveal anywhere in any way that you have purchased circles and connections from us.


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