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Video marketing has become one of the powerful tool to advertise a business and to reach potential customers. If your prime concentration is to market your business through video promotion,then after Youtube the two most important platforms in terms of reach are Vimeo and Metacafe. Like youtube,you might not get the benefits of viral marketing through Vimeo or Metacafe but the quality of videos in these two platforms are much higher and network like Vimeo are ad free means more satisfaction for your customers. If your business is something related to movies, video games, sports, music and TV then Metacafe also can be a great marketing avenue.

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Social Crocodile team promote your video to our access of hundreds of high traffic websites to get the views. These views comes from real human. We absolutely never use any kind of automated programs or software to generate views.

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Our way of promoting your video are completely safe and adhere the prospective network  policy. We never disclose your contact information and never disclose that you have purchased views from us for your videos.


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