Terms of Use

Please make sure you read and understand our terms of use before making any purchase with us. By purchasing, you agree to the following terms & conditions.

Fulfillment of Orders

We guarantee that you will receive the amount of fans you ordered. However, we cannot make any guarantees or warranties in terms of time. Time scales on your order are only an estimate, your order may exceed the time stated. There are many factors which will impact on the amount of fans you will receive which are not controlled by Social Crocodile over a certain amount of time. We work hard on sending real people to your Facebook page. We will try to send as many individuals suited to your chosen targeted location and interest as possible, however due to the large amounts we supply, not every fan may be relevant to your stated target market.


We will not offer refunds unless under special circumstances. We will partially refund the purchase price of a fan/like order that did not achieve success, we will not generally issue a refund under any other circumstances. We reserve the right to determine the time frame of when a campaign should have been completed. If you believe you may be entitled to a refund, or would like some more information about refunds, please contact us directly.

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